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More about projects can be read on the PrimeGrid board

basic stats at PrimeGrid

PrimeGrid presents four basic stats pages: the server stats, the user stats, the user primes and the pending tests.

credit granting

PrimeGrid admins (especially John) grant credits manually. The granting time is irregular depending on Johns time. In the past it was round about once a month. In the future I hope it will be once a week. I have done my very best with this summary page to support the credit granting.

what's this all about

In early 2010 I decided to create some stats for PRPNet. Primestats in the past has done and FreeDC does currently a great job for PrimeGrids BOINC-projects. But I cannot found anything for PRPNet except the basic stats. So I began to collect periodicly the data from user_stats. And now my collected data is growing and the presentation of that has come to a publish-able status.

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