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userprojectcandidateprime scoredecimal lengthclientdate reported
AeneasFPS103040!-19.1019482950445471794ssspdtTuesday 14th of December 2010 03:12:42 AM
HammehFPS110059!+111.363252486871507082CloudyTuesday 14th of June 2011 09:06:26 PM
unconnectedFPS94550!-16.8122424494843429390dbsrv1Monday 04th of October 2010 05:01:15 PM
LumiukkoFPS147855!-130.650046550106700177BlizzardFriday 30th of August 2013 09:55:34 PM
suseFPS150209!+132.31862739283712355linuxWednesday 16th of October 2013 06:28:36 PM
PDWFPS288465!+1286.799505425111449771MissyMonday 21st of March 2022 01:46:31 AM

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